Merit Aid in the West Region

One of the biggest factors in selecting a college is money. Heck, it’s probably the biggest factor but who likes to admit that. I am nearly done with getting my second and last child through college, and, in both cases, they ended up going to the college that gave them the best deal from the…… Continue reading Merit Aid in the West Region

Schedules in March?

Much to my surprise there are actually three schools that either have their schedules published or where my Latvian hackers have found them. I don’t recall any schedules becoming available this early. Of course, the coaches know their schedules and should obviously share them with me but this learning process has been slow. In fairness,…… Continue reading Schedules in March?

Musing (to maintain my sanity)

In my coronavirus post I really didn’t mention that colleges are all taking drastic action to protect their students and facility. Extended spring breaks. On-line classes. Cancellations of really everything that involve audiences. My son, the theatre major, and I were discussing the fact that Tarrant (Fort Worth) and Dallas counties have restricted gatherings of…… Continue reading Musing (to maintain my sanity)