Statistic Losses – So What?

In a previous post I documented the statistics lost in the west region due to senior graduation.  In some cases, I was also able to determine non-seniors that left the program and include those losses, as well.  So what does it all mean?  This post attempts (and probably fails) to answer that question. I had…… Continue reading Statistic Losses – So What?

Statistic Loss – Graduating Seniors

One interesting activity I’ve been doing for the last 4 years is to determine the loss of statistics a team will face due to graduating seniors.  I then augment this to any underclass(wo)men that (based on the new rosters) seem to have left the program. Below, you will find these statistics for each west region…… Continue reading Statistic Loss – Graduating Seniors

Why I hate the Northwest Conference

As I wrote another post about statistics lost due to graduating seniors, I came to the teams in the Northwest Conference.  I started writing about my problems with the Northwest Conference instead of the purpose of the post so I thought it best to transfer my thoughts to this post. “I dislike the Northwest Conference.”…… Continue reading Why I hate the Northwest Conference