Campus Encounters

I stumbled around the WordPress world today and found a neat little site called Campus Encounters.  The author does nice little write-ups of different schools and includes pictures.  I really enjoy visiting the different schools and although I’m usually in the gym watching games, it’s nice to be able to walk the different campuses and get a feel for the school.

Here are the links to the West Region schools that have been covered.  If from a different region and you want to see if your school is covered, link over to Campus Encounters.


None!  *sad face*

UT Dallas

Northwest Conference

Lewis & Clark University


Pacific Lutheran

Pacific University

Puget Sound



Austin College

Colorado College

University of Dallas


Cal Lutheran


University of Redlands


Mills College


2 thoughts on “Campus Encounters

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for linking all these schools. I’m glad you found the blog and hope it’s helpful to your athletes! I’ll try to get to some ASC schools soon … any you would particularly recommend?

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  2. Yes, I really did enjoy your blog! I had thought about trying to do something similar…very happy I don’t have to now!!!! I really love the pictures as they capture the beauty of these campuses.

    Well, as far as the ASC, you really just need to visit Texas for a year and document all of the schools in the state! Some of my favorites that I didn’t see (not limiting myself to the ASC) are Chapman, Occidental and Pomona College. Can’t go wrong with SoCal. In Texas I like Southwestern University and Schreiner University. UTD is a massive campus for a DIII school. I haven’t been to LeTourneau or UTT but the north east portion of Texas can be very pretty.

    On the flip side, Harvey Mudd College had the most bizarre looking dorm area. I got lost there and thought I had walked into a high school.

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