AVCA Top 25 Poll

The AVCA has come out with their DIII preseason Top 25 coaches poll.  Now this is a pretty pointless exercise and means virtually nothing but it does get us a step closer to real games so for that I am thankful.  You can find the link with their poll here.  Calvin is the top-ranked team followed by Emory and Washington-St. Louis.  Emory received one first-place vote with Calvin getting the rest.  My simple math skills tell me that the voter that had Emory first, placed Calvin in third.  Ugh.

From the west region we have Southwestern (5), Cal Lutheran (6), Claremont (7), Colorado College (8), UTD (9), Trinity (14) and La Verne (25).  That’s 7 spots out of 25 and half of the top 10!  My rankings for the west differ significantly in the ordering and you can find that post here.

For the most part the coaches used the results from last season as the basis for this year.  No team moved more than 3 spots from last year’s final ranking.  You really can’t fault the coaches for that.  The problem we’ll get into is that after the first weekend of games, we really need to throw this poll out the window and start fresh but that doesn’t happen with most of the voters.


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