SCIAC Preseason Poll

The SCIAC has come out with their preseason volleyball poll, which you can find here. It’s no surprise that CMS has claimed the #1 spot as they garnered all 9 of the first place votes.  The order differs slightly with my predictions, which you can find here. The interesting item that I took from this poll is that someone actually didn’t vote Caltech last. It would be a major surprise if Caltech took a set in conference let alone did enough to climb out of the cellar.

Practices and scrimmages are in our future this week. Games are coming!

Here was the poll result:

2017 SCIAC Women’s Volleyball Preseason Poll
(#) Denotes First Place Votes
1. CMS (9) – 81 points
2. Cal Lutheran – 69 points
3. La Verne – 60 points
4. Chapman – 47 points
5. Pomona-Pitzer – 45 points
6. Occidental – 35 points
7. Whittier – 32 points
8. Redlands – 26 points
9. Caltech – 10 points


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