Sunday’s Musings

Real games in 5 days!

Saturday I braved Hurricane Harvey and drove into the teeth of the storm (by “teeth” I mean I was 250 miles away and in no danger) to watch the Southwestern University Alumnae game. A number of the parents/players that are from the Houston/San Antonio area couldn’t make it so that was disappointing but it’s a reminder of what is important in life and I’m just hoping everyone comes out of this safe. On the Southwestern front, I was sad to see that the transfer junior middle that I expected to make an impact this season decided to leave the team. On the flip side a number of players that didn’t get much time last year have really stepped up and looked like they could fill this hole. If I have to take off my Southwestern blinders for a second, this should help Trinity and Colorado College in league play this year.

It was interesting to watch a volleyball match that involved my daughter where I rooted for both sides. Having said that I do remember watching these games in the past (as well as scrimmages) all with the singular thought of how the play on the court would impact my daughter. I have to admit this was a lot more fun!

Less than a week to games and I’m getting a little concerned that schools aren’t posting their video and live stats links to the schedule. During my daughter’s recruitment process this was one of my big questions, “How will I see the matches if I’m unable to make it in person?”  It was really surprising how few schools made this available. Thankfully, my daughter didn’t end up on the east coast. With the lack of links, I’m worried that the live streams are going to be reduced. Hoping this is just the last item on each school’s SID things to do list and it gets checked off shortly.


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