Friday Wrap-Up

Trivia Question/Answer – First west region match to be completed in the 2017 season was Southwestern/Mills that ended in an SU expected sweep 25-7, 25-7 and 25-12.

A match I didn’t list on my Match Day post that could be important come selection time was Whittier/Berry played at Colorado College. Whittier won in 4 sets against a team that traditionally is very good. A good start for the West Region and the SCIAC!

A match that I did mention was Chapman/TLU as it had in-region implications come selection time. Both of these teams could be fighting for a spot depending on how they play out their seasons. Chapman won in 4 sets as the team hit at a .429 rate and Kylie Cooke had 19.5 points, hit .655 with no attack errors.

Heck of a schedule for both Chapman and TLU as they have to play back-to-back right out of the gate but TLU ends up sweeping Union. Good result for the west and now we all root for Union to take control in the New York Region.

Our first ouch for the west region as Chapman falls to Bethel in 4 sets. Bethel’s schedule for this weekend tournament isn’t that strong after this match – Pomona-Pitzer, Occidental and Union. Not happy.

As I watch CMS play I can’t help but think that they are good. You get this insight for free folks.

Watched the end of the La Verne/UTD match. Nice win for ULV but the stream quality was so poor it was tough to make out the play. Some good conversations near the camera, at least.

Nice day for UTT although it looks like U Mass-Boston is in for a tough year.

Southwestern’s sweep of Elmhurst was strong. My spies tell me the hitting may be better than the Final 4 team of last year.

I was worried about Cal Lu this season but a really nice result (sweep) against a strong Wis-Oshkosh team.

Trinity did enough to keep the games close but they really didn’t feel close as you watched them. Calvin with the sweep.

I didn’t see the Millikin/CMS game but I can only assume my earlier comment jinxed the Athenas. Tough loss for CMS and the West Region. I didn’t see that coming at all.

La Verne with two 5 set victories today. Good win against the always tough Wis-Eau Claire team.

Puget Sound and Pac Lu each had a nice win today. Both get Clarkson tomorrow.

So it was Millikin and Bethel that took a bite out of the west region today with the Millikin result the one I would worry about down the road. Obviously early but La Verne was my surprise team for the day.


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