West Region Rankings (10/2/17)

Just back from vacation and before I feed the cat or unpack, here are my rankings for the week. I’m just really happy I’m on my normal keyboard. I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Win/Loss is “in division” record. Since this post is later than usually, my SOS numbers used are current. Probably means this later time will be the new time moving forward. This ranking is still a mix of what I think and the primary criteria used for selection.

My rank, (my Week 4 rank, AVCA Week 4 rank), record, key results last week
1 (1, 2). Colorado College 18-0 W: Trinity; Southwestern.
2 (2, 4). Trinity 16-3 W: [None]; L: Colorado College.
3 (3, 5). Southwestern 16-2 W: [None]; L: Colorado College; Our Lady of the Lake (NAIA)
4 (5, 9). Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 11-4 W: Whittier.
5 (6, 15). La Verne 12-2 W: Chapman.
6 (7, NR). Mary Hardin Baylor 14-1 W: [None].
7 (4, NR). Chapman 11-5 W: [None]; L: La Verne; Pomona-Pitzer.
8 (8, NR). Whittier 10-5 W: [None]; L: Claremont M-S.
Dropped Out: [None]

Second week in a row with the same teams in the top 8. Chapman is moved down with their losses to La Verne (that’s allowed) and Pomona-Pitzer (uh, what?). My rankings now seem to mirror the AVCA poll a little better, although I think of this as skill on my end and dumb luck on theirs.

I can’t say anything negative about Colorado College. They have a strong SOS, are undefeated and this weekend went to two of the corners in the SCAC office and marked their territory. (Too graphic? I’m worried that was too graphic.) Trinity didn’t look that great against CC but with their head to head wins in the region they are a lock for the second spot right now. Southwestern looked better against CC and frankly looked on their way to handing them their first loss before dropping the 5th set 15-13. I had mentioned in my preseason write-ups that Southwestern might take the full season to work in their new players due to their senior graduation loss and I think that was the case here. Hard lessons but ones that will help down the road. CMS takes the 4th spot and I almost had them ahead of SU but the Pirates play against CC did impress me enough to keep them ahead. La Verne took care of Chapman this week so I’m moving them up one spot while UMHB did absolutely nothing (didn’t play) and I’m still moving them up, too. Chapman falls three spots due to their Pomona-Pitzer loss but with their wins over CMS and Whittier earlier in the year I really couldn’t take them lower. I’m keeping Whittier in the 8th spot and, again, it really comes down to their victory over Pacific Lutheran back in September. Pac Lu and UTD are on the outside looking in. I love Pac Lu’s out-of-conference wins and, as I said in the past, I might have them in the 8th spot if I was on the West RAC. UTD has losses to La Verne, CMS and UMHB so they would have to be placed behind those teams. Throw in a loss to ETBU and they just haven’t done enough to make the rankings.


7 thoughts on “West Region Rankings (10/2/17)

  1. For the record with reagards to Whittier’s win over Pac Lu in September, you might want to look at the game schedule set by Cal Lu, where Pac Lu was victimized. The played CMS to five and then had a 20 min break without time to refuel and were forced to play Whitter immediately. This was the only scheduling for back to back games for that entire tournament. As someone who watched the match, forcing Pac Lu to play for 5 hours straight without eating or resting had a significant negative impact on their play. In fact many there considered completely unfair.

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  2. Hey Brad E…very happy you found my blog. I love it when I get this kind of information that unless I was there or very attentive, I would miss (which I did)!!!

    I wrote a post awhile back about the NCAA Selection and the art and science behind the choices. If you read the pre-championship manual and the selection criteria, it’s pretty specific. No where in that manual will you see anything about how teams were scheduled but we all know that this can impact performance. In talks with RAC members in the past, I know artsy type issues come up when discussing teams. This would be something like two teams are being considered for a spot and Team A won but it was in 5-sets at home and all the games were close. Does Team A really get the Head to Head benefit? By NCAA rule they do, but maybe the RAC doesn’t see it that way.

    Now, I think Pac Lu should win the NW Conference but they are not a sure thing. Let’s say they don’t and the RAC is trying to fill out those 6 -10 spots. Well, there is going to be a battle royal between the NW RAC member (Whitman’s Matt Helm) and the other conferences to position their teams as high as possible. I’m sure the Pac Lu’s coach will educate Helm about the situation (if not done already). (Side note, Pac Lu does have a victory over Cal Lu, which beat Whittier. So, that rematch game is pretty important as common opponent record is a primary criteria.)

    Long response! Sorry. I do love the politics of selection and my team (Southwestern) has been on the good and bad side of this on selection Monday. Keep winning and it will all take care of itself. Best of luck tonight…BEWARE the Loggers!


  3. Thanks for the response and I am enjoying the blog. After watching Pac Lu for a while, they seemed to have learned there lesson not to look past any opponent. (Ref: Whitman game).

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  4. Thanks Brad E!

    I’ve actually made some comments in the past that if I was on the West RAC, in the back of my mind, is the thought that I could “sell” Pac Lu better to the selection committee than Whittier because of that St. Thomas sweep as well as Whittier’s loss to Augustana. Pac Lu’s win over Clarkson may help, as well. (Also don’t forget that Whittier has a win over Trinity.)

    One interesting tidbit is that when the West RAC gets together, the out-of-conference wins really don’t play a huge role in the rankings. But they do play a role when it’s selection time and our RAC chair fights for us against other regions.


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