AVCA Top 25 (11/7/17)

The week ten AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out, which you can find here.

Colorado College retains the top spot after winning the SCAC tournament this week. They increased both their first place vote total and overall points (63 and 1670). Southwestern dropped from 2nd to 5th but it’s the same 5 teams at the top of the polls. Calvin, Wittenberg and Trinity go 2 through 4. Calvin, a team swept by Colorado College, was able to impress 2 voters and get their first place vote and Johnson & Wales has the other two.

I thought the streak would end this week, but it’s now the eighth week in a row the SCAC has placed three teams in the top 5.

West Region teams in the poll are Colorado College (1), Trinity (4), Southwestern (5) and Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (6). In “Others receiving votes”, we have Pacific Lutheran (73 points), UTD (34) and La Verne (18).


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