Gone Fish’n

My real life is going to interfere with my virtual word for the next couple of days but I wanted to leave you a little present (or is it a gag gift?) before I go. Well, actually, I’m already gone as I should be on a plane when this posts. I digress…

I no longer have a daughter impacted by the NCAA selection process but I really was out of sorts Monday. I know some of you are scrambling to find hotels, get time off from work, figure out travel, etc. I know some of you are writing angry emails. On the latter, been there…done that. I won’t rehash my feelings on the selection as I did that here.

I had planned on doing a Southwestern Regional write-up but real-life looks like it’s going to prevent that from happening. That, and after I started it I figured out that it was a lot of work. So, 70% real life stopping me and 30% being a lazy bum.

I thought about doing a ranking but at this point it really doesn’t matter. No sense predicting the West RAC when we can see the seeding. I don’t quite understand how Southwestern gets a 3 seed after losing to the now 5 seed. I don’t understand Pac Lutheran moving up to the 4 seed over Trinity after they beat Southwestern and lost a 5-setter to the #1 team in the nation. It really doesn’t matter because the NCAA can’t have Trinity and Southwestern play in the first round. The final regional ranking will be published and I want to find time to go through it and make comparisons to double-check their work. My main questions – Was Whittier ranked too high and what was the next team up in the selection process after Whittier? I assume it was UMHB. Remember, we may never know if Whittier was blocking the rest of the teams…maybe they were the last team selected.

But I did want to leave you a gift. If you’ve been reading my stuff since August, you know that only a team in the top 10 in hitting percentage is allowed to win the DIII Championship. It’s been that way for 7 years. So, in order to help you win any friendly wagering, here are the possible champions:

 Rank Schools %
1 Johnson & Wales (RI) (Great Northeast) 0.338
2 Calvin (Michigan Intercol.) 0.281
3 Northwestern-St. Paul (UMAC) 0.272
4 Colorado Col. (SCAC) 0.262
5 Johns Hopkins (Centennial) 0.256
6 Claremont-M-S (SCIAC) 0.255
7 Baldwin Wallace (Ohio AC) 0.254
8 MIT (NEWMAC) 0.253
9 Millikin (CCIW) 0.252
10 Mary Hardin-Baylor (American Southwest) 0.250

That’s it folks. Read the list and you will read the name of the champion! (Side note…J&W is either really good or the rest of the region is really bad…I mean a 0.057 hitting margin from Calvin. Wow!)

And, I know it’s too soon, but my apologizes to Baldwin Wallace and UMHB. It’s not uncommon for one (or two) teams from the list not to make the tournament. However, being on this list usually means the team won at least 20 matches, which was the case for both schools.

I should be able to post when the AVCA rankings and the regional rankings come out but I wanted to do a little more this week. Bad timing on my part.

Oh, and my weekend arrangements are set so best of luck to all of the West Region teams and even the interloper with the cool school name.

– Old Rochelle


3 thoughts on “Gone Fish’n

  1. I read a while ago (I think I’m a comment on Ricky’s blog?) that kills per set was another big predictor of National championship teams. Any knowledge on that?


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