AVCA Top 25 (Final 2017)

The final AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out and there should be no surprise that Claremont-Mudd-Scripps is in the top spot claiming all first place votes.

Wittenberg claims the second spot followed by Calvin, Colorado College and Emory. Some previously unranked teams also jumped into the poll on the strength of their NCAA tournament performance led by Ithaca at 8. Swarthmore comes in at 18 and Pacific Lutheran is at 22.


I haven’t really picked on any coaches this year by name so let me start now! Seriously, I thought it might be interesting to see what CMS coach Kurt Vlasich had on his ballot since his team just won the whole thing. I was specifically curious about the West Region teams he had to get through before the Elite 8. Coach Vlasich has Colorado College at 4, Southwestern at 8, Trinity at 9 and Pacific Lutheran at 11. Ithaca, which definitely put up a fight in the semi-final match is listed as 5. Gustavus Adolphus, their quarterfinal opponent comes in at 10.

West Region teams in the poll are CMS (1 – YAY!), Colorado College (4), Southwestern (9), Trinity (11) and Pacific Lutheran (22). No other West Region team received votes on multiple ballots.

2 thoughts on “AVCA Top 25 (Final 2017)

  1. The final poll is (unfortunately) mainly ceremonial. The NCAA results have way too big an influence on the final totals. This year there were 6 coaches who voted the quarter-finalists 1 to 8. About 15 more did that for 7 of 8, but replaced Swarthmore with their favorite. a number of coaches did not vote.

    One of these days I would like to find time to analyze the votes to see how often coaches vote for their schedule, their league, and their region.


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