NCAA Convention Time *UPDATED*

UPDATE – The two proposals mentioned below have both been adopted in voting this morning.

The NCAA Convention started today and runs through Saturday. I spent a little time looking at the legislative proposals that will impact volleyball at the DIII level. First off, there are a few general proposals dealing with academic misconduct, sports wagering, representation, etc. that bored me too much so let’s look at the one’s that at least interested me a little.

One proposal (2018-4) deals with student athletes that graduate early from their institution with eligibility remaining. There are rules that currently cover this situation but the bottom line is that if you want to play for a different school then you need a waiver from the original institution. The new proposal is much simpler and favorable to the student athlete:

(1) The student is enrolled and seeking a second baccalaureate or
graduate degree;
(2) The student has eligibility remaining (i.e., seasons of
participation); and
(3) The participation occurs within the applicable 10-
semester/15-quarter period set for in Bylaw 14.2.

The other proposal of interest deals with alumni games. Currently, in order for an institution to hold an alumni game, they have to use one of their two exemptions granted by the NCAA. These exemptions are currently used for exhibitions, scrimmages or joint practices. The new proposal sets out to create a separate alumni game exemption. It will be up to the institution on whether they want to use it while the existing two exemptions will remain in place. So, basically, if the proposal passes, institutions can play an alumni game and up to two other events. In case you were wondering, you can not use the alumni exemption to play a third scrimmage or hold a joint practice.

Nobody has asked my opinion but both of these proposals seem pretty straightforward and worthy of implementation.

In other news, I stumbled across an NCAA Division III 2017-2018 facts and figure brochure. I think I covered some of these items back in July/August but it seems like a good time to pretend I’ve seen these for the first time.

  • There are 451 total members in Division III.
    • This is the largest NCAA division.
    • DIII makes up 40% of the total schools.
  • 80% of Division III schools are private, which means 20% are public.
  • On average 26% of the student body at Division III institutions are student-athletes.
  • The average undergraduate enrollment at a Division III school is 4,084 students.
    • The lowest at any one school is 418.
    • The highest is 38, 860. (I thought UT Dallas was huge but that is over double their enrollment!)
  • There are a total of 194,196 student-athletes at Division III.
  • Non football Division III institutions spend on average $2,696,000.
  • Football Division III institutions spend on average $4,265,000.
  • The average number of sports offered at a Division III institution is 18.
  • The NCAA allocated budget for Division III is $30.2 million (3.18% of the total NCAA operating budget).
  • The NCAA women’s volleyball budget is $1,127,500.

Finally, there may be additional rules coming out that impact volleyball but I’m not smart enough to find them right now. There was an article out about DI and proposed changes to their review system, libero jersey’s and intermission lengths. Anyway, we’ll see what gets reported through the end of the week.


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