Coaching Info & TLU

With schools letting out this is really the start of the dark period. Two months of nothing as far as volleyball goes. Luckily we all have the World Cup to watch, and I’m sure we’re all excited to cheer for the American team! (Dark humor for this dark period.)

I wanted to loop around and see if the UC Santa Cruz head coach position was still open (Spoiler – it still is), and I quickly found myself going through each coaches bio from the West Region. (Yes, these are the things I do when I get really board.)

Anyway, I was shocked when looking at Texas Lutheran University (TLU) and seeing that Tiffany Davis resigned last month. I couldn’t find her reasoning for it so if anyone is in the know and wants to email me, please do. (My email is in the About Me page.) The replacement is Phyllis Fowler who is a long time high school coach from the area. She was announced last month (about 8 days after Davis resigned). A very quick hire so there is probably a story here. Regardless, all the best to Coach Fowler and the Bulldogs moving forward (except, of course, when playing Southwestern).

After looking at all 41 of the schools in the West Region, the UC Santa Cruz opening is the only one left. Here are some notes that interested me as I went through the bios:

  • We have three new coaches this year at West Region schools (four when UC Santa Cruz gets announced).
  • The longest tenured coach is Julie Jenkins (Trinity). I believe she is entering her 34th season.
  • Out of the 40 schools with head coaches, they are filled by 16 men and 24 women.
  • Prior to taking their existing head coaching position, only 16 of the applicates had head coaching experience at the college level.
  • The previous job for most of the coaches were as an assistant coach at another college (16). This was followed closely by head coaches from high school (13). Only 11 coaches took their current position after leaving the head coaching spot at another school.
  • The Northwest Conference has the greatest percentage of men coaches for the four conferences (67%).
  • Women dominate the ASC as they hold 75% of the head coaching positions.

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