SCAC Preseason Poll

The SCAC is out with their preseason poll, which you can find here.

This is the final conference preseason poll from the West Region and the first that matches my predictions. Now, I’m not saying the SCAC coaches are just smarter than the other conference coaches, but I’m not not saying it either. (Love a “not not” wording once in awhile.)

I really struggled with the TLU and Austin College placement once I saw that TLU was losing Griffin and Mikelonis and it looks like the coaches felt the same. The Centenary and Dallas decision was also difficult for me but there is a decent gap in this poll. I really struggled with JWU and Schreiner while this poll sees Dallas and JWU as being close and Schreiner finishing last. Minor differences, at best, but at least I know that if my predictions are wrong, the SCAC coaches are going down with me!

SCAC Preseason Poll:

  1. Colorado College (7) – 79 points
  2. Trinity University (2) – 72 points
  3. Southwestern University – 65 points
  4. Texas Lutheran University – 50 points
  5. Austin College – 49 points
  6. Centenary College – 32 points
  7. (Tie) University of Dallas – 21 points
  8. (Tie) JWU (Denver) – 21 points
  9. Schreiner University – 16 points

Forgive my formating on the tie. I couldn’t figure out how to stop the editor from creating a numbered list.

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