SCIAC Preseason Poll

The SCIAC came out with their conference preseason poll as voted on by their coaches, which you can find here.

The interesting thing with this poll is not that CMS was voted to finish first in the conference but the one SCIAC coach that voted Caltech first! Yes, the 2017 last place finishing Caltech volleyball team received a first place vote in the conference poll. I immediately figured coaches were not allowed to vote for themselves so this meant with CMS receiving 8 out of the 9 first place votes that the culprit had to be CMS Head Coach Kurt Vlasich. Upon further review, and by doing the math, it does appear the coaches were allowed to vote for their own team. My guess is the coach was giving props out to Caltech for their first ever SCIAC win last year, which when you think about it is pretty cool.

As far as how the SCIAC poll and my predictions compare; we differ on the teams ranked 2 though 5. I agree that CMS will continue to be the class of this conference but I had Whittier taking the second spot followed by Chapman, La Verne and then Cal Lutheran. As I dove more into the history of Cal Lutheran researching previous posts, I got more and more nervous with my placement of the Regals. I can certainly understand their placement at number 2 and it will be interesting to see who is closer with their prediction at the end of the year. Initially, I also had Chapman in the 5th spot with their graduation loss but I was really impressed with their two transfers coming in and gave them the third spot in my rankings. In the end, it’s going to be a dogfight for those SCIAC Tournament playoff positions (1 to 4) and one really good team is going to be left on the outside. Of course, last year it was Whittier and they were the only team to secure an NCAA Tournament at-large bid.

Here is the coaches poll:

2018 SCIAC Preseason Poll
1. CMS (8) – 80 points
2. Cal Lutheran – 62 points
3. La Verne – 60 points
4. Whittier – 54 points
5. Chapman – 48 points
6. Pomona-Pitzer – 33 points
7. Occidental – 30 points
8. Redlands – 21 points
9. Caltech (1) – 17 points

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