2018 Pre-Championship Manual

The NCAA Division III Pre-Championship Manual is out.

Ricky Nelson has already published a post on the highlights, which you can find here. My FAQ page has been updated.

One item that Ricky didn’t mention are the West RAC members. They are Ed Garza (Austin College), Sabrina Bingham (Hardin-Simmons), Chris Duarte-McDermott (Whittier), Don Flora (Southwestern) and Matt Helm (Whitman). Ed is the chair for the RAC and the other members represent their conference in the meetings. Chris is new to the RAC and replaces CMS Kurt Vlasich whose term had expired. Chris is a great choice, in my opinion, and I welcome his confusion, anger and disappointment that will soon follow with this assignment. (That sounded mean. I do think Chris is a great choice. I will also laugh when he realizes what he has gotten himself into!)

In his post, Ricky noted some errors. One I found was that the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference has changed names and is now the American Rivers Conference. They missed this change when they listed the AQ conferences.




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