D3VbWest Top 25 (9/24/18)

Note – I’m still planning on doing the wrap-up but this is a travel day for me and this post was easier to get done first. I did update the Watch List yesterday.

Here are the rankings for the fourth week. The Top 25 is for the nation and then below I rank the Top 8 in the West Region. Remember that UT-Tyler is eligible for the Top 25 but not the West Region ranking as they are not eligible for the NCAA Tournament this season.

D3VBWest Top 25 (9/24/18)

My rank, (my Week 1 rank, AVCA rank), record, key results last week
1 (1, 2). Colorado College 15-0 W: None.
2 (2, 1). Calvin 12-0 W: Chicago, Hope.
3 (3, 3). Wittenberg 10-1 W: None.
4 (4, 7). Juniata 8-3 W: None.
5 (5, 10). Washington (Mo.) 9-3 W: None.
6 (6, 4). Johnson & Wales (RI) 13-1 W: MIT.
7 (7, 5). Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 11-2 W: None.
8 (8, 11). Thomas More 11-1 W: None.
9 (9, 23). UT-Tyler 11-1 W: None.
10 (10, 8). Emory 8-3 W: None.
11 (11, 15). Ohio Northern 10-3 W: None.
12 (12, 13). Hope 10-1 W: None; L: Calvin.
13 (13, 9). Pacific Lutheran 11-1 W: None.
14 (15, 17). UW-Eau Claire 12-1 W: None.
15 (16, 12). Gustavus Adolphus 12-2 W: None.
16 (17, NR). Concordia (Wis) 9-2 W: None.
17 (18, 19). Chicago 15-2 W: Trinity; L: Calvin.
18 (19, 24). Berry 9-2 W: None.
19 (21, NR). Mary Hardin-Baylor 10-1 W: UT-Dallas.
20 (23, 18). Illinois Wesleyan 9-5 W: Trinity.
21 (14, 6). Trinity 12-4 W: None; L: Chicago, IWU.
22 (25, 14). Johns Hopkins 10-0 W: None.
23 (20, NR). UT-Dallas 9-5 W: None; L: UMHB.
24 (22, 20). Christopher Newport 6-3 W: None; L: Virginia Wesleyan.
25 (NR, 25). Northwestern-St. Paul 12-4 W: None.
Dropped out: Springfield [24].

Teams also under consideration were Carnegie Mellon, Augsburg, Stevens, St. Olaf, UW-Whitewater and a few others.

Springfield was dropped after a couple of losses. I wasn’t too sure of my last couple of teams last week and this one bit me. I struggled (again) with the replacement and really didn’t see anyone that stood out…just a number of teams all about the same in my eyes. I took Northwestern because they call their own touches.

Not too much movement this week in large part because teams have moved on to the conference portion of their schedules, which means (typically) easier matches. Trinity drops a bit after losses to Chicago and IWU. UMHB moves ahead of UT-Dallas since they beat them this weekend. I’m a little limited on what I can research right now as I’m travelling but I might have looked harder at dropping UT-Dallas and Christopher Newport. Bottom line, at this point of the season, I can make or break cases for about 10 teams for those last couple of spots.

The top 13 stayed the same and at the top is still Colorado College. If this was the Great Lake Region blog then I’d probably have Calvin but it’s not so they are not.


As for my West Region Rankings, here you go:

West Region Top 8 (9/24/18)

  1. Colorado College
  2. CMS
  3. Pacific Lutheran
  4. UMHB
  5. Trinity
  6. UT-Dallas
  7. La Verne
  8. McMurry

The Top 3 stay the same but we have movement on the back side of the ranking. Is Mary Hardin-Baylor better than Trinity? No clue. Does La Verne really deserve the 7th spot? No clue. Is McMurry really the 8th best West Region team? No clue. In a nutshell, I like the top 3 teams and I have no clue about the rest. I really still like Trinity for that 4th spot but with their losses this weekend (to really good teams) and UMHB win over UT-Dallas, I decided on this ordering. The last two spots are more about teams not taking command of their schedule than how well La Verne and McMurry are doing.

Trinity, UT-Dallas and La Verne have all played each other and they all are 1-1 against this group. So, for this ordering, I’m just doing best guess. I really don’t think McMurry is the 8th best team in the region but they played UT-Tyler to 5-sets and that is their only loss. Again, no one else is stepping up so McMurry gets the nod.

Bottom line…we need one or two West Region teams to get hot and stay hot to secure these rankings. I don’t want to see less than 8 teams in the NCAA Tournament.

For those tracking this at home, with this ordering, UMHB would host the West Regional. I’ve now done this three times and we’ve had three different host sites.


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