AVCA Top 25 (9/25/18)

The week four AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out, which you can find here.

Calvin stays in the top spot and while losing one first place vote (58) they have slightly increased their total points (1738) from last week. Colorado College remains firmly in the second spot with 12 first place votes (increase of 3) and 1689 total points (increase of 10). Wittenberg, JWU (RI) and CMS stay in the 3 to 5 spots but no teams other than the top 2 received first place votes this week.

We have one newcomer to the Top 25 in UW-Whitewater and this was a team I almost put in my rankings this week. You can find my rankings here. The two teams tied at 25 have dropped out in Northwestern-St. Paul and Swarthmore. Oddly, it was Northwestern that I added to my poll this week.

Looking at the West Region we again have 6 teams in the Top 25 but now “only” 3 in the Top 10. The ordering is Colorado College (2), CMS (5), Pacific Lutheran (9), Trinity (13), UT-Tyler (20) and Cal Lutheran (21). In the receiving votes category, we have UMHB, UT-Dallas, Southwestern, La Verne and Chapman all from the West Region. I had thought UMHB win over UT-Dallas would be enough to put them in the Top 25 but their continued lack of respect by the national coaches and the fact that no one really hurt themselves to the point of needing to be dropped prevented this.

There was stability in the poll as shown by just having one big riser in Chicago (from 19 to 14). Trinity fell the most going from 6 to 13.

The AVCA poll now has 4 teams that I don’t have ranked in my poll (a decrease of one). The four teams I have in that the AVCA doesn’t are Concordia-Wis. (16), UMHB (19), UT-Dallas (23), Northwestern (25).

We had 64 actual voters this week (up from 63 last week).


One thought on “AVCA Top 25 (9/25/18)

  1. I do not get MIT. It just proves people aren’t paying attention and are voting by habit. The MIT setter has a cast on her arm! They have played 2 NCAA quality teams out of 14 and lost to both of them. They were 4th in the 2nd NEWVA poll and should have been lower. Wesleyan should be the 2nd NE team in, if any.

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