AVCA Top 25 (10/2/18)

The week five AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out, which you can find here.

Calvin not only stays in the top spot but have secured all of the first place votes in the land! Despite the loss to Trinity, Colorado College remains in the second spot but less than 40 votes separate 2 through 4. CMS moves up to #3 leap frogging JWU (RI) who stays in the fourth spot. Wittenberg drops back from 3 to 5th so basically we have the same top 5 but in a slightly different order.

We have one newcomer to the Top 25 and they are from the West Region! Say hello to UMHB as they appear in the 25th spot and replace Cal Lutheran who has dropped out. As a reminder, you can find my Top 25 here. Interesting to note that UMHB last appeared in the AVCA poll back in 2014 when they made 7 appearances and were ranked as high as 20th.

Looking at the West Region we again have 6 teams in the Top 25 and 3 in the Top 10. The ordering is Colorado College (2), CMS (3), Trinity (9), Pacific Lutheran (14), UT-Tyler (20) and UMHB (25). In the receiving votes category, we have Cal Lutheran, Chapman,  UT-Dallas and Southwestern all from the West Region.

The big jump this week was Chicago who went from 14 to 8. On the other side, Hope dropped 6 spots from 12 to 18.

The AVCA poll now has only 2 teams that I don’t have ranked in my poll (a decrease of two). Those teams are Ithaca and MIT. The two teams I have instead are Carnegie Mellon and Concordia (Wis). This is a clear sign that the AVCA is getting smarter or I am getting dumber.

We had 60 actual voters this week (down from 64 last week).


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