D3VbWest Top 25 (10/8/18)

Here are the rankings for the sixth week. The Top 25 is my ranking for the nation. I will be doing a West Region rankings once the NCAA updates their SOS calculations (hopefully tomorrow) as I want to apply selection criteria.

D3VBWest Top 25 (10/8/18)

My rank, (my Week 5 rank, AVCA rank), record, key results last week
1 (1, 1). Calvin 15-0 W: None.
2 (3, 5). Wittenberg 14-2 W: None.
3 (4, 6). Juniata 13-3 W: None.
4 (5, 8). Chicago 21-2 W: UW-Eau Claire.
5 (6, 11). Washington (Mo.) 15-4 W: Colorado College.
6 (7, 4). Johnson & Wales (RI) 19-1 W: None.
7 (8, 3). Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 16-2 W: None.
8 (9, 7). Thomas More 18-1 W: None.
9 (10, 20). UT-Tyler 15-1 W: None.
10 (11, 13). Illinois Wesleyan 13-5 W: None.
11 (12, 9) Trinity 16-4 W: None.
12 (2, 2). Colorado College 20-2 W: None; L: WUSTL.
13 (14, 15). UW-Eau Claire 18-2 W: None; L: Chicago.
14 (15, 12). Emory 13-4 W: None.
15 (16, 10). Gustavus Adolphus 18-2 W: UW-Whitewater.
16 (17, 14). Pacific Lutheran 14-2 W: None.
17 (13, 17). Ohio Northern 13-4 W: None; L: Baldwin Wallace.
18 (18, 18). Hope 16-4 W: None.
19 (19, 21). Berry 14-2 W: None.
20 (20, 25). Mary Hardin-Baylor 16-1 W: None.
21 (21, NR). Carnegie Mellon 14-5 W: None.
22 (22, NR). Concordia (Wis) 14-4 W: None.
23 (24, 24). Christopher Newport 15-3 W: None.
24 (25, 23). UW-Whitewater 15-4 W: None; L: G. Adolphus.
25 (NR, NR). St. Thomas 16-6 W: None; L: UW-Whitewater.
Dropped out: Johns Hopkins [23].

Teams also under consideration were…frankly…I really didn’t like anyone for the 25th spot.

Johns Hopkins took on the chin with three losses this week and are out of my Top 25. I really didn’t like them in the Top 25 to begin with as their schedule wasn’t the strongest. Saint Thomas was added just because I hated everyone else. (Hate is such a strong word…maybe despised is better?) I really wanted to put Augsburg in but they had a poor week (including a loss to St. Thomas). I don’t like a couple of Ithaca’s losses. Who knows about MIT? Same for Bowdoin. Otterbein had some poor losses early. I was really just “meh” on them all.

Colorado College receives some tough love this week as I had to reevaluate their resume. I just felt with two losses in the last two weeks that I needed to move them behind Trinity. Ohio Northern gets dropped a bit but their win over Hope earlier in the year stops their slide at 17. A lot of teams played conference opponents that offered no resistance so not much movement overall.

I currently have three teams that the AVCA does not have in the Top 25 but that should decrease by one as I figure Carnegie Mellon will enter the coaches poll in place of Johns Hopkins.


4 thoughts on “D3VbWest Top 25 (10/8/18)

    1. It’s so hard to know what New England has this season. I just did the NCAA field of 64 and the winning % and SOS numbers look great for a number of teams. Of course, that doesn’t always tell the story.


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