AVCA Top 25 (10/9/18)

The week six AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out, which you can find here.

Calvin has again secured all of the first place votes and remain the number 1 team in the nation. Colorado College has slid from 2nd down to 5th due to their loss to Washington-St. Louis. CMS has moved into second, followed by JWU (RI) and Wittenberg.

Despite the three losses this week by Johns Hopkins, no team was dropped from the Top 25. In another sign of stability, the biggest riser was UT-Tyler who moved only 3 spots (20th to 17th). Johns Hopkins did suffer the biggest fall going from 16 to 25 (9 spots).

Looking at the West Region we again have 6 teams in the Top 25 and 3 in the Top 10. The ordering is CMS (2), Colorado College (5), Trinity (10), Pacific Lutheran (14), UT-Tyler (17) and UMHB (24). In the receiving votes category, we have Cal Lutheran, Chapman,  Southwestern and UT-Dallas all from the West Region. As a reminder, you can find my Top 25 here. My West Region prediction post on how the RAC will rank can be found here.

Since I dropped Johns Hopkins from my poll, the AVCA poll now has 3 teams that I don’t have ranked in my poll (an increase of one). Those teams are Ithaca, MIT and Johns Hopkins. The three teams I have instead are Carnegie Mellon, Concordia (Wis) and Saint Thomas.

We had 64 actual voters this week (up from 60 last week). A hearty welcome to Mount Saint Mary’s Coach Michael Strano who cast his first vote this week.


2 thoughts on “AVCA Top 25 (10/9/18)

  1. Ithaca, MIT, and Johns Hopkins highlight the biggest problem with the coaches poll. The parochial need to vote for at least one team in your region.


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