AVCA Top 25 (10/16/18)

The week seven AVCA Top 25 coaches poll is out, which you can find here.

Despite losing a match this week, Calvin retains the top spot although the first place votes have scattered a bit. Calvin still holds the most with 51 (1709 total points) but JWU (RI) now has 9, Wittenberg has 5, Colorado College has 3, CMS has one and Juniata has 1. The top five places are Calvin, JWU (RI), Wittenberg, Colorado College and Thomas More.

Once again, no teams were dropped from the Top 25 with the biggest fall occurring to Pacific Lutheran Ohio Northern as they dropped 4 spots each. The biggest rise went to Emory and Berry who both advanced 4 spots.

Looking at the West Region we again have 6 teams in the Top 25 and 3 in the Top 10. The ordering is Colorado College (4), CMS (6), Trinity (9), UT-Tyler (17), Pacific Lutheran (18) and UMHB (24). In the receiving votes category, we have Cal Lutheran, UT-Dallas, Southwestern and Chapman all from the West Region. As a reminder, you can find my Top 25 here. This week I predict how the regional RACs will rank each of the eight regions and you can find that here.

Since I dropped Ohio Northern from my poll, the AVCA poll now has 4 teams that I don’t have ranked in my poll (an increase of one). Those teams are Ithaca, MIT, Ohio Northern and Johns Hopkins. The four teams I have instead are Carnegie Mellon, St. Benedict, St. Thomas and Bowdoin.

We had only 56 actual voters this week (down from 64 last week), which is the low point on the year. A hearty welcome to Johns Hopkins Coach Tim Cole who cast his first vote this week. By my count there are now 69 sheets (voters) so we are still missing one person although the first sheet is unnamed.


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