Musing on Tournament Eve

This marks the second year in a row where I’ve had a conflict prior to Regionals. This year, my wife and I are moving her parents into a retirement facility near us. Last year, an ill advised short 2-day holiday to New York. Hopefully I’ll learn from this and just block off November on my calendar.

Back to my in-laws and it has taken a year to get this move in the works. Four weeks ago I get a call saying they are moving on November 8th. I’m like thanks for the heads up but I can’t say change the date because WE’VE BEEN WAITING A FREAKING YEAR! Yeah, my in-laws don’t read this blog. I will say when my wife and I were looking at retirement homes, we were greatly impressed. Workout rooms, indoor pool, two dinning areas, a sports room, media rooms, etc. My wife and I were telling this to our daughter and explaining the difficulties of getting her grandparents to move and how she shouldn’t be afraid to approach us when the time comes for us to make the move. She paused, looked us in the eyes and said, “Is this a good time to have that talk?” She was joking. I’m pretty sure she was joking. She could have been joking. We actually thought about it. We are in our early 50s and I’m thinking I’ve got a good 15 years where I will just dominate the other tenets. I mean ping pong, pool, swimming…really any physical activity. Heck, I never saw anyone in the pool. My own private indoor pool! I guess this is a long way of saying that I haven’t had the time the last few days to provide the below average quality content you all have grown accustom.

Calvin Regional tomorrow and two of the best teams in the nation will start their quest for a championship. The Match Day should drop in the morning and I provide my predictions. I’d love to figure out how to get a bracket poll (no money) going. Maybe next year when my conflict will only be our daughter moving us into the retirement facility.

I keep looking for the final regional rankings to drop and the data sheets but nothing so far. They were due two days ago. With that said, I sort of remember a delay last year, too. It’s not in the best interest of the NCAA to release them on time when they make unsupported decisions.

Some good discussion on Volleytalk about the selections and the insult to CMS not making them a #1 seed. Apparently the NCAA wants to avoid flying teams 3 time zones and doesn’t really like 2 time zone flights. It wasn’t a problem three years ago when WUSTL flew into Cal Lutheran. Kind of cool that the powers to be were able to slam two smaller regions at the same time. Respect! Still anyone here have a problem if Trinity or UMHB fly one time zone into Boston and take a low seed in those regionals? The West is willing to be insulted, but we’d like to share our insults with the larger regions.

I did get some interesting feedback that I can’t repeat on my “Long Factor” post. Oddly not a single person affiliated with a West Region school that reached out to me had an issue with it.

I really wish I could take a day on Friday or Saturday and get to the Gust. Adolphus Regional. I’m holding out hope. The flights look open. In addition to there being two West Region teams there, this is the most competitive first round of matches in the nation. If the Athenas or Lutes parents don’t see the yellow hat, please start a “Go Athenas” or a “Go Lutes” chant in my honor. In fact, let me talk to the Athenas fan club for a second. You need to get rowdy. Get rude. Dennis, get them going!

Speaking of cheering for a second. I encourage…nay…demand that all West Region fans figure out how to cheer for the other West Region teams that are at your location. Our teams will be out gunned and need all of the positive energy you and your teams can provide. Your team comes first but please support the region! The NCAA isn’t and if we don’t bond together then what do we have? As a Southwestern die-hard, a Trinity hater…GO TIGERS! (*vomit*) Whoa. Sorry, I’m working on it. GO TIGERS! Yup, getting better.

And now the only teams that have a chance at the NCAA championship (because we know the last 8 champions have all been top 10 in hitting percentage):

  1. JWU – 0.298
  2. Calvin – 0.271
  3. Colorado College – 0.268
  4. MIT – 0.263
  5. Baldwin Wallace – 0.257
  6. Trinity – 0.257
  7. Mary Hardin-Baylor – 0.256
  8. William Paterson – 0.250
  9. Amherst – 0.248
  10. Chicago – 0.248

Only five teams still left and three from the West. We’ve got this! By the way, that is the most teams not selected in a single year out of the Top 10 in this category. Now, the Top 10 could move a bit based on the remaining matches but still a strange results.


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