Quarterfinals! (11/15/18)


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Just like we all thought. Aurora up 17-10 in the first set.

Challenge! First time in DIII!!!!! Calvin challenges an out call but the call stands. Works as a timeout and Calvin comes out strong despite losing the challenge.

Calvin comes back to win set 1 25-23. It’s hard to see Aurora overcoming that disappointment. How much of that loss is experience in that situation?

Calvin wins the second set 25-22. Great effort by Aurora but they keep coming up short.

Third time is the charm as Aurora wins 25-21. Honestly they could have won all three sets to this point.

Another challenge rejected! Calvin 19-17 in the fourth set. Aurora’s Katie Vondra with 20 kills but it’s their defense that’s keeping them in this.

Anyone else having their video cut out at timeouts? I have to replay an ad and I miss 2 points.

Calvin takes set four and the match. Just a couple of points here or there and Aurora would have advanced. The hitting stats will be something to look at Aurora hit under 0.100 in the three sets they lost (but all were close sets).

Eau Claire up 1-0 and leading set 2. Another challenge…this one by Babson but it looked out. They should lose this one. They do. Officials are 4-4 on challenges so far.

Babson service error at 23-23 after a timeout is costly. Eau Claire takes set two 25-23 and are up 2-0.

Eau Claire with the sweep. Babson Allie Puccio with 15 kills and Eau Claire Arianna Barrett with 13 to lead the teams.

Another serving error plays a role. Emory gets the set one win on set point 3 when Ithaca servers out. 25-23.

All even as Ithaca wins set two despite a late Emory rally.

The rally by Emory works out in set three led by some late service aces (25-23). Emory is up 2-1 but this match could go either way.

Emory rolling in the fourth and now coaches are 0-5 in challenges.

Emory wins 3-1 taking the fourth set 25-16.

Stepped away for dinner and Wesleyan is up 2-1! Could this be our only upset of the night?

I tune in just in time for another challenge. Wesleyan claiming a ball was out. So close! Call looks correct and the officials win another one.

I certainly don’t care how people dress but is the Wesleyan head coach having to mow the yard after this match?

We’ve got a 5-setter! No 5-set matches last year in the quarters but 2016 saw 4! Juniata wins the 4th set. Buckle up!

Another challenge…another official victory.

Another Challenge!!!! These are all so close but the officials win again.

Wesleyan 8-6 on the turn.

Wesleyan up 11-8 and Juniata scores 7 of the next 8 points to win the match. Great match by Wesleyan Madeleine Lundberg (17 kills) and Phia Bellizzi (32 digs). Juniata led by Morgan Edwards (18 kills).

Eagles will play Eagles tomorrow as Juniata gets Emory.

Championship Website (Includes Video and Stats Links)
All times Central.
Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
11:30 a.m.
Calvin vs. 3-1 Calvin
Aurora 4:00 p.m.
Calvin vs
2:00 p.m. Eau Claire 6:00 p.m.
Eau Claire vs 3-0 Eau Claire TBD vs
Babson TBD
4:30 p.m.
Emory vs 3-1 Emory
Ithaca 6:30 p.m.
Emory vs
7:00 p.m. Juniata
Juniata vs 3-2 Juniata

Random Thoughts:

I put my predictions down in the Odds & Ends post. For today, I like Calvin, Eau Claire, Ithaca and Juniata. Calvin previous beat Aurora this season but it was in 5-sets. Emory / Ithaca is a rematch of the quarterfinals last year where Ithaca pulled off a 3-1 upset. I think Emory has this but I believe this is the best chance for an upset so I’m going with it.


4 thoughts on “Quarterfinals! (11/15/18)

  1. I had issues with lagging ads and buffering match play during the first two sets. Fine after that.

    Glad everyone got a chance to see Lines, Vondra, Wood, Freeman, Chambers, Simpson, Weising and the rest of the crew from Aurora. They can be fun to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

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