Happy Holidays!

I am currently coming up with trivia questions to ask the “kids” for our traditional Christmas Eve present opening. We share Christmas Eve with a few families and the kids open the gifts from the other families. At some point awhile back I started allowing presents to be opened based on answering trivia questions. The…… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Statistics Loss – NWC

Two conferences in the books! You can find the SCAC statistics here and the SCIAC statistics here. With this post we’ll dive into the NWC. As we’ve seen in the previous two posts, the statistics loss was pretty similar between the conferences…that will not be the case with the NWC. As a reminder… I’ve done…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – NWC

Prediction Report Card (2018)

I really need to stop doing conference and region prediction posts. Either that or stop doing end-of-the-year report cards. Here is a look back at my predictions and the conference polls of each conference as well as my prediction for the West Region as a whole. In the ASC, my predictions and the coaches poll…… Continue reading Prediction Report Card (2018)