Thursday Musing (12/20/18)

There are a lot of interesting little stories buried in the EADA Data so I thought today I would muse on a few that I found. Remember that this data is from 2016.

I had mentioned in my EADA post that Sul Ross State had a rodeo team. What I didn’t realize at the time is that they are the only DIII institution that has it. Other single sports in DIII are archery offered by Pennsylvania College of Technology, badminton offered by Swarthmore and synchronized swimming offered by Wheaton College.

At the time, there were two DIII schools with beach volleyball – Huntingdon and Stevenson. Stevenson spent $120,793 on the program in 2016. There were 101 total programs in the EADA data that spent on average $162,051 on the program per school. This number is skewed by the top end DI programs on the high side but also on the low side by the Puerto Rico schools (under $3,000 for a number of them). Most of the schools (65) paid less than what Stevenson did so it’s probably a good number to budget for any DIII school thinking about adding the program and that’s on the high side. Building the sand courts would be the initial big cost.

Two DIII schools had rifle programs and I just want to take this opportunity to say how much I love MIT and the New England Region and John Jay and the New York Region.

The most money spent on any one women’s program in DIII was ice hockey. Clarkson has the honor coming in at $1,902,515! MIT spent $770,456 on rowing. I guess oars are expensive? Or maybe they bought a river? Seriously, the big numbers are for DIII programs competing in programs at a DI level.

Eureka College has the three lowest amounts spent on any one program coming in under $2K for cross-country, golf and outdoor track and field. CMS spent $92,461 for their cross-country program in 2016 but I believe that included buying the country of Togo.

In other news, there are two Regional RAC Chairs that have had their term expire and will now be replaced. One is the Midwest RAC Chair and the other is in our very own West Region. Ed Garza (Austin College) was the West RAC Chair but will be replaced early next year. I believe (but am not sure) that the position cannot be filled by another SCAC member. Julie Jenkins (Trinity) would have been a great choice but, if I’m right, will not be eligible. Sabrina Bingham (Hardin-Simmons) is a possibility and would be another great choice. (She is currently on the RAC representing the ASC.) Both the NWC and SCIAC have a lot of experienced coaches that could do the job. Of course, these coaches would have to want to do the job and they should all know by now that I’ll just criticize them for every perceived misstep. Regardless of who gets the position, it’s always an uphill battle for the West Region and a tough fight to get all of our deserving teams into the tournament.

I have a spreadsheet on the coaches in the West Region and I was updating it the other day to include their records. Did you know Mark Massey (Puget Sound) has 8 ties on his record? I don’t remember any other volleyball coach having a single tie. I know he reads the blog at times…do you even remember these ties?

Massey actually has the most wins in the NWC at 654. Mary Cahill (Chapman) has the most wins out of the SCIAC with 474. Cammie Petree (McMurry) leads the ASC with 416. They all take a distant backseat to Trinity’s Julie Jenkins who has 935 wins. I have unfortunately seen a number of those wins when they have played my Pirates. Other West Region coaches with more than 400 wins are Kevin Aoki (Pacific Lutheran), Don Flora (Southwestern), Rick Swan (Colorado College) and Ed Garza (Austin College). Both Swan and Garza are closing in on 600 wins and both should get them next season.

Other coaching tidbits…by my count of the 42 head coaches in the West Region, 14 came from the high school ranks. Another 12 came from a previous head coaching job. The other 16 came in after being an assistant in their previous job. Oh, and Jenkins holds the record right now in the West Region for longest with a team as the 2019 season will be her 35th!




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