Centenary Coach Steps Down

Caroline Carlton has resigned as the Centenary College volleyball coach and her position has been posted.

My understanding is that although she loved the school and especially the team, the city wasn’t the best fit for her. She has not accepted another position at this time.

Carlton had just finished her second season as coach and set team records both years. In 2017 the team finshed 15-20 overall and 4-12 in SCAC play. The 15 wins were the second-most in program history and the most since 1999 and the four conference wins were the most in school history. Last season the team smashed those marks going 18-18 and 7-9 in conference play finishing in a tie for fourth place.

I got to watch the Ladies a few times during the season and Carlton always stood out as she brought emotion to the match. I swear at times she was even leading cheers from the fans. She will be very tough to replace.

D3VbWest wishes nothing but the best for Coach Carlton and, although there are no current head coaching positions open in the West, I hope we don’t lose her to another region.

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