Opening Day (Baseball) Musing

I’ve been working on a number of articles but all of them require input from coaches and they, of course, are very busy people. Still, I’m excited about what is yet to come on the website. If they all come off, there should be an article on scheduling as well as one on the hardships of bringing in a new program into DIII. There is a third I hope to publish on a volleyball family. In the meantime, you are just stuck with me.

I’ve seen a couple of schedules and so far so good as far as quality goes. University of Dallas has most of their schedule listed on their website. They will make a trip to both CMS and WUSTL. Yikes! Interesting note I didn’t know, when Dallas plays UW-Stout later in the year, it will feature sisters coaching the teams. Many Trautmann coaches for UW-Stout and Kelli Trautmann coaches Dallas. Pretty cool.

As you can imagine, I have some pretty good contacts within the Southwestern program and their schedule looks pretty good this season. On the negative side, and I’ll report this since they have published their 2019 preliminary roster, the Pirates will not have their freshmen setter (Makenzie Mendez) or their freshmen outside (Alyssa Dooley) returning. Mendez finished the season with 1186 assists and Dooley with 329.5 points and were two of the better freshmen in the entire West Region by the end of the season. They also lost a couple of other underclassmen that didn’t play as much but would have been counted on to step up this upcoming season. And, although, all of the Pirates are my “granddaughters”, we are losing one of my favorites in Jessie Jarreau.

I had mentioned last month that I had heard a name in the UMHB coaching search and that it was quite impressive but no announcement has been made. I reached out to the program and was told that there is no timetable to name a coach as of present. I can only assume I was wrong (again) or that coach had second thoughts. The UMHB coaching position is the only one currently open in the West Region.

I keep trying to find those commitment announcements of our 2019 recruits. Howard Payne has a large class of recruits coming as does LeTourneau and Southwestern. I’ve got three recruits listed for Whitworth and each is 6 feet or taller including a 6’2” setter! Pomona-Pitzer has 4 of their 5 listed recruits at 6’ or more and two of their recruits are from Minnesota. Believe me you will enjoy your Pomona winters! Back to Howard Payne and three of their recruits are from the same Duncanville High School team. Tallest recruit so far is Cal Lutheran’s Kristine Fimlaid at 6’3”. Shortest is Howard Payne’s Aviyon Wilborn at 5’0”. It’s kind of impressive that ETBU has 6 recruits listed despite going through a coaching change. This is probably one of the reasons assistant coach Darby Graff got the promotion to head coach as she had to be the one finding all of this talent. I’ve yet to find a recruit for Mills College, McMurry, George Fox, Centenary, Caltech, Occidental, Redlands and Whittier although I know they are out there!

Opening day for baseball and I’ll be at the Rangers match game! Baseball was my first love, but I fell in love with volleyball as I got older and more mature. Much like life for a lot of us but you never forget that first love.

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