Kevin Aoki (PLU) Promoted to Full-Time Status

Pacific Lutheran University just announced that Head Coach Kevin Aoki has been promoted to full-time status after having served part-time in years past. My first reaction was what do you mean Coach Aoki has been part-time? It still shocks me to hear about part-time coaches in our region, which makes Coach Aoki’s success all the more amazing. As the linked article points out, he has 11 Northwest Conference titles, 12 NCAA DIII tournament appearances and 3 West Region Coach of the Year awards during his 23 seasons.

As luck would have it, I was reaching out to Coach Aoki on a story idea this morning and he mentioned that this had happened. He said that in 45 days, he’ll be retiring as a middle school teacher after 35 years. What!?! This man taught middle school and then ran a top-class volleyball program!?! He did mention that he needed permission from his boss (wife) in order to take the position.

Best of luck to Coach Aoki on his shorter days in the fall.


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