Mark Pryor Named UMHB Coach

Boom goes the dynamite!

I’ve posted a number of articles about the UMHB coaching search and that there was a big name out there that was interested and it has finally been announced. Mark Pryor resigned yesterday from his head coaching position at DI University of North Dakota and today Mary Hardin-Baylor has named Mark Pryor their new Head Coach.

In addition to his DI experience, Coach Pryor has also coached within Texas and really followed a path of a person trying to advance up the coaching ranks. This move to a DIII school, I’ve heard, is more about family and getting back to his Texas roots.

UMHB is well positioned to make another championship run this season and it reminds me a bit of the 2016 Southwestern situation when they lost their long time successful coach and replaced her with Don Flora who had DI experience. Those Pirates made the Final 4 and a similar result is not out of the question for the Cru this year. So, welcome to Coach Pryor and his family and, well, no pressure!

Found this quote from the North Dakota site:

“We will be moving back to Texas to be closer to family, and for me, it will present me more opportunity to really be actively involved with a church, and to spend more time with Amanda, Myles, and Mason.  I just have a real desire to be much more involved and more present for my family, and I know that I can’t do that while coaching at this level.  Some coaches can, but unfortunately, I’m just not wired that way.”


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