LeTourneau Coach Stepping Down

LeTourneau Head Coach Ashley Tiernan has announced on Facebook that she is stepping down to become the Carson-Newman University Head Beach Volleyball Coach while also serving as an assistant to the indoor team. Carson-Newman is a NCAA Division II school and is a member of the South Atlantic Conference. The current Carson-Newman Beach Coach is also the Head Coach of the indoor team so my assumption is that he is just reducing his load slightly.

Coach Tiernan was at LeTourneau for 2-years winning 10 matches and then 7 but had accumulated a lot of young talent and was bringing in a large recruiting class. In her post she indicated that she had already reached out to her team and the recruits with the news. She also indicated that for the past 2-years while at LeTourneau University that she and her husband have had to live under different roofs but that will now change as they both will move to Tennessee. That certainly was an incredible hardship and obviously needed to change moving forward.

I certainly wish Coach Tiernan nothing but success moving forward and it will be interesting to see how this young talent at LeTourneau responds to the change. Savanna Stutts was the assistant coach last year but I haven’t seen any word on Coach Tiernan’s replacement.

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