UMHB Kicked Out of ASC & TLU Removed from SCAC

Not really but both schools should be happy they are not in the MIAC. That conference recently announced “…the University of St. Thomas will be involuntarily removed from membership in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC).” The Tommies will remain in the conference through the spring 2021 season and you can find the full MIAC statement here.

Ricky has a post up on this, too, with some good comments on it.

There are a number of articles on the topic and most center around the Tommies being too good at football but I’m sure there are two sides here. On the surface, however, the optics are not very good for the MIAC. It’s even funnier to hear “too good at football” being a reason to be kicked out of a conference when you live in Texas.

Now above all I’m a top-flight journalist so when I heard about this story I immediately feared for the future of UMHB. You see, the Tommies didn’t win the NCAA DIII National Championship in football this past season; the Cru did. (Side note, the too good for football Tommies didn’t make the tournament.) Since UMHB won the national championship I figured the ASC were getting ready to “involuntarily remove” them from the conference. I reached out to the ASC about this prospect and they replied cryptically “Of course not”. Read into this statement as you will.

Recently the Bulldogs from TLU won the National Championship in softball so I felt I needed to reach out to the SCAC about their plans to remove that school from the conference. They replied, “Ha! Absolutely not!” but I have no way of knowing if their fingers were crossed when they replied.

In all seriousness, no word yet on what St. Thomas will do with respect to athletics. Based on their responses in defense of their champions, I’m sure either the ASC or SCAC would love to have them. I would also be reasonably sure that the Tommies would be guaranteed a couple of ice hockey conference championships each year.


6 thoughts on “UMHB Kicked Out of ASC & TLU Removed from SCAC

  1. Let’s see, who else, how about anybody with a current streak of 6 or more championships in a row. Juniata, GONE! Eastern, GONE! Stevenson, GONE! Wittenberg GONE!
    That’s only 4 we can do better than that!
    How about pairs that dominate! Calvin and Hope GONE! Cal Lu and CMS GONE! Emory and Wash U GONE! Pac Lu and Whitworth GONE!
    And a few who almost got the last 6.
    Clarkson GONE! Christopher Newport GONE!
    And Colorado College because they always have to fly, GONE!

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    1. It’s totally possible to win with class and not make everyone hate you, and in fact most programs do. St Thomas’ football coach can be an ass (onside kicks when up by 50, playing starters in the second half of blowouts, trick plays on ESPN, etc), but even he has started trying to walk a straighter line. There’s more to this in the links below.


  2. I finally found someone doing a good job of covering this mess. This piece ran earlier this spring and encompasses a lot of the off-field things that led us here. It’s a tale that encompasses topics ranging from new academic programs to sportsmanship, and it might be instructive for other schools in similar situations. The world is getting harder for mid-range schools, and as the pressure to maintain enrollments rises you may see more of these battles being fought.

    And here’s the followup last week from the same writer:

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    1. Good info. Thanks!

      There was a solution to be had here that didn’t involve removing St. Thomas from the MIAC. Here in Texas, we see arrangements between ASC and SCAC in certain sports (football being one). It appears there are other issues that seem more petty in nature, which are clouding some thinking. The WIAC (now) seems like the logical move but we shall see.


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