Regional Realignment with Competitive Balance

With the recent news from the NCAA regarding the need to add competitive balance into their DIII realignment efforts, I decided to take a stab at the impossible. My initial feeling was that with the West and the South Regions basically being immovable islands that there wasn’t enough we could do in the northeast to…… Continue reading Regional Realignment with Competitive Balance

Belhaven Full DIII Member

I tweeted this out early but this accomplishment really deserves a post, too. Belhaven University has successfully navigated through their reclassification period and have been approved by the NCAA Division III Membership Committee for full, active NCAA membership beginning this fall. This means that Belhaven is now in the championship hunt as they are eligible…… Continue reading Belhaven Full DIII Member

Looking Back and Forward with our New DIII Schools

Steven Wright is probably a comedian that most people don’t remember but he had a joke that went, “Change is inevitable…except from vending machines.” Well, the West Region is certainly no vending machine as we’ve seen three new DIII programs added in the last few years and this upcoming season we will get a fourth.…… Continue reading Looking Back and Forward with our New DIII Schools

LETU Names Coach

LeTourneau has completed their search for their new coach replacing Ashley Tiernan who stepped down earlier this year. In finding their coach, LeTourneau has stayed within the ASC to pluck Coach Mallory Matthews. Coach Matthews was an assistant coach at UT-Tyler for the past two years after graduating from ETBU with all kinds of volleyball…… Continue reading LETU Names Coach