LETU Names Coach

LeTourneau has completed their search for their new coach replacing Ashley Tiernan who stepped down earlier this year. In finding their coach, LeTourneau has stayed within the ASC to pluck Coach Mallory Matthews. Coach Matthews was an assistant coach at UT-Tyler for the past two years after graduating from ETBU with all kinds of volleyball honors.

I remember Coach Matthews as Mallory Sanders or, as I called her, the “tall blonde” outside from the Tigers. I can still vividly recall Southwestern’s 5-set loss to ETBU played at Austin College back in 2015 and the tall blonde’s role in my misery. The Tigers shocked the good guys going up 2-0 only for my Pirates to fight back and force a 5th set. With the Tigers leading 14-13 and receiving serve I yelled for all to hear, “Triple block the tall blonde outside!”. No doubt the ball was going to her and, unfortunately, it did. She completed my misery on her 23rd kill of the day.

Pulling myself back into the now, I am willing to forgive Coach Matthews’ past sins against me and congratulate this first time head coach. She’s got a lot of good young talent at LeTourneau and I’m sure she’s going to get the most out of them. Welcome to the West Region and the ASC although you never really left! As of today, there are no more coaching openings in the West Region.


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