Saturday, Sept. 28 Match Day!

Updates:  Frogs are killing it. Doesn’t help updating volleyball however. Boy, the ASC wildcard race is going to be messy. I didn’t see an easy LeTourneau over HSU. Redlands took the first set from Chapman. Don’t sleep on the Bulldogs! Centenary/St. Thomas are in a dog fight (see what I did there?). The La Verne…… Continue reading Saturday, Sept. 28 Match Day!

Friday, Sept. 27 Match Day!

Updates:  As we wait for matches I thought I would drop this nugget here. I just did my first prediction of the at-large teams yesterday. Last year at this time I did the same thing and 16 of the 19 teams I selected made the tournament (either as a Pool A or C bid). I…… Continue reading Friday, Sept. 27 Match Day!