Saturday, Sept. 21 Match Day!

Updates:  The saga of St. Thomas (TX) getting to Denver is quite interesting.

I wonder why College TV Ticket (used a lot by the SCAC teams) has so much trouble matching graphics with the actual sport. And now the video is gone, again. Ugh.

TLU pushes Trinity to 5-sets but takes the loss. Trinity hasn’t been clean this weekend but should finish 3-0.

Concordia has put a stamp on at least the second position in the ASC West Division with away wins over both HSU and McMurry this weekend.

Santa Cruz is in the fourth set trying to force a fifth against Haverford. Haverford is the current poster child of a team that is okay but could get an at-large out of the Mid-Atlantic.

Santa Cruz comes back to beat Haverford. Nice win there. Meanwhile, College TV Ticket is NOT showing the Southwestern/Colorado College match.

Video back up. Southwestern up 19-11 holds on to win set one 25-21.

Southwestern wastes a late lead and Colorado College comes back to take set two.

Austin College comes back to win in 5-sets against St. Thomas (TX). Colorado College now leads Southwestern and is smoking them in the fourth set.

Colorado College wins set four 25-9 as Southwestern hits -0.250.

Chapman is all over Caltech early. The Beavers were not sneaking up on the Panthers today.

Back at it. Scores and boxes updated. St. Thomas/JWU is running late but the Celts have the early lead on the hosts (JWU). The 8 pm matches are all 2-0 with Pacific, GFU, Cal Lu and Whittier all winning.

Good day for UCSC with two wins. Colorado College was able to handle Southwestern without their All-American middle. Doesn’t bode well for my Pirates the next time when she’s healthy. I thought I would know more about Dallas after this weekend but with their loss to Centenary I really don’t have a clue. It’s going to be a fight all season for the last couple of SCAC Tournament spots.

8 pm matches are all sweeps except for Whittier/Pomona-Pitzer. Sagehens force a set four but Whittier leads 2-1. Good energy by the fans at Linfield as their 3rd set comeback fell short.

The Whittier/Pomona-Pitzer match was the match of the day as it went 5-sets and has significance in the SCIAC. Prior to this year I worried about the SCIAC beating themselves up and that worry continues. It will be interesting to see how this all falls out when I have some time to process it.

Nationally, not too many upsets today. Tufts beat #15 Wesleyan and Susquehanna beat both Clarkson and Ithaca with Johns Hopkins also beating Ithaca. Expect the Bombers to fall out of the Top 25. Expect Tufts to launch into the Top 25 or close to it because of the New England voters. Susquehanna is also making a name for themselves.

Wrap-Up tomorrow!

11:00 a.m. (All times central)
#9 Trinity vs TLU Video Stats Trinity 3 TLU 2
Schreiner vs Colorado College Video Stats CC 3 Schreiner 0
Dallas vs Southwestern Video Stats SU 3 Dallas 0
Concordia at McMurry Video Stats CTX 3 McMurry 0
UC Santa Cruz vs Haverford Video Stats UCSC 3 Haverford 2
1:00 p.m.
St. Thomas (TX) vs Austin College Video Stats AC 3 St. Thomas 2
Howard Payne at Sul Ross State Video Stats Sul Ross 3 HPU 0
2:00 p.m.
Southwestern vs #11 Colorado Col. Video Stats CC 3 Southwestern 1
Schreiner at Centenary Video Stats Centenary 3 Schreiner 2
ETBU at Louisiana College Video Stats ETBU 3 LC 2
UMHB at Hardin-Simmons Video Stats UMHB 3 HSU 0
LeTourneau at UT-Dallas Video Stats UTD 3 LETU 0
UC Santa Cruz vs Hunter Video Stats UCSC 3 Hunter 1
3:00 p.m.
#9 Trinity at JWU (Denver) Video Stats Trinity 3 JWU 0
4:00 p.m.
Caltech at Chapman Video Stats Chapman 3 Caltech 0
4:30 p.m.
Dallas at Centenary Video Stats Centenary 3 Dallas 1
5:00 p.m.
TLU vs Austin College Video Stats AC 3 TLU 2
6:00 p.m.
Redlands at La Verne Video Stats ULV 3 Redlands 0
7:00 p.m.
St. Thomas (TX) at JWU (Denver) Video Stats St. Thomas 3 JWU 0
8:00 p.m.
Lewis & Clark at Pacific Video Stats Pacific 3 L&C 0
George Fox at Linfield Video Stats GFU 3 Linfield 0
Occidental at Cal Lutheran Video Stats Cal Lu 3 Oxy 0
Pomona-Pitzer at Whittier Video Stats Whittier 3 P-P 2
9:00 p.m.
Whitworth at Puget Sound Video Stats Whitworth 3 UPS 0
Whitman at Pacific Lutheran Video Stats PLU 3 Whitman 0
Westcliff at Mills (*Played Friday) Video Stats Westcliff 3 Mills 0

Random Thoughts:  Conference matches all around again today. I’m unsure as of this writing when the Mills College matches will be today and tomorrow. I put them last on the list just as a placeholder. (Update – Mills posted that today’s match is actually at 9 p.m.)

Santa Cruz continues their day at the Arcadia Tournament. I took a look at the Pool B chances for a number of teams and Santa Cruz is still in the mix. A big weekend helps greatly.

ASC has some important matches with Concordia/McMurry and UMHB/HSU. These are all West Division games with the four teams fighting for three ASC Tournament spots. If Louisiana College wants to get into their tournament then a win at home against ETBU is probably a good idea.

In the NWC Pacific gets another test with Lewis & Clark. An NWC top 4 match with Whitworth at Puget Sound is also on the schedule. As I said yesterday, pretty important match for Puget Sound.

We’ve got Colorado College/Southwestern today but as of this writing I don’t see a video link. Since Centenary is playing at the same time, they’ll get the dome, but I know they can do video in the side gym. Interested to see if Colorado College Margo Spaethling is healthy for this. As a Pirate fan, I’m hoping they give her enough time to rest and get 100%. If she is a 100% then maybe 110%? The St. Thomas/JWU match should be interesting. The two newest members to the SCAC. Centenary has struggled a bit this year. They really can’t afford to lose out of the gate and still hope to get a top 6 finish in conference (tournament spot). (Update – I have a video link now for all of the matches at Centenary, which includes Southwestern and Colorado College.)

In the SCIAC, it’s really all about Pomona-Pitzer at Whittier. The other matches should go to the favorites. If any head coach at Whittier wants to shoot me their password so I can watch the video, I’ll take it. 😉

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