D3VbWest Top 25 (10/07/19)

Here are my rankings for the sixth week of the season. Normally I do the West Region Rankings at the bottom but since I’m on vacation using a Spanish keyboard I can’t really update the spreadsheets like I want. I’ll pick this up next week.

A lot of manual work since I don’t have all my files but I think there were only 5 upsets this past week and some of those were just two teams close in the rankings. This week as I went through the teams and I felt that two teams needed to come off so they did. Remember that I try to give each team’s resume a fresh look each week. We are at the point that a bad week will hurt but if the rest of the resume was good then it’s not going to be catastrophic. 

My rank, (my week 5 rank, AVCA rank), record, key results last week
1(1, 3) Chicago 16-1 W: Carnegie Mellon.
2 (2, 2) Calvin 13-1 W: None.
3 (4, 1) Emory 15-1 W: Washington-St. Louis.
4 (3, 4) Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 14-3 W: None; L: Chapman.
5 (5, 16) Johns Hopkins 17-0 W: None.
6 (9, 10) UW-Whitewater 14-3 W: None.
7 (10, 12) Ohio Northern 14-3 W: Hiram.
8 (6, 6) Berry 15-3 W: Hendrix.
9 (18, 9) Colorado College 18-2 W: Trinity.
10 (7, 8) Trinity 16-4 W: None; L: Colorado College.
11 (15, 7) Saint Benedict 17-1 W: Augsburg.
12 (8, 11) Augsburg 13-4 W: None; L: Saint Olaf, Saint Ben.
13 (11, 14) Carnegie Mellon 15-4 W: None; L: Chicago.
14 (12, 21) Muskingum 17-2 W: Wittenberg.
15 (13, 13) Juniata 10-5 W: None.
16 (14, 5) Carthage 18-1 W: None.
17 (16, 17) Tufts 14-0 W: None.
18 (17, 23) Transylvania 16-4 W: None.
19 (20, 19) St. Thomas (MN) 16-3 W: None.
20 (21, 20) Hope 11-4 W: None.
21 (22, RV) Mount Union 16-4 W: Otterbein.
22 (25, RV) Susquehanna 15-3 W: Wesleyan.
23 (23, 22) Wittenberg 9-6 W: None; L: Muskingum.
24 (NR, RV) Saint Olaf 19-3 W: Augsburg.
25 (NR, NR) Chapman 14-2 W: CMS.
Dropped out: UW-Eau Claire [19], UW-Stevens Point [24]

A little hard on the WIAC today as I bounce two of their teams but I wasn’t happy with their losses this week. On the flip side, are they being penalized for playing in a deeper region? Probably. 

Saint Olaf returns to my rankings with their win over Augsburg this week. They have a good resume…not great…but one that deserves a ranking. Chapman is a team that I’ve been critical of this season but their win this week over CMS gets them ranked. Their losses are to St. Olaf and Augsburg so not too bad. They just didn’t have a signature win until this week.

Speaking of CMS and they only drop one spot in my rankings despite their loss to Chapman. Again, when looking at the entire resume, they just have wins that no one else can equal.

I dropped Berry a few spots just because some of their wins are getting devalued a bit as we go through the season. You have to play the teams in front of you but I get to slap your hands for it. Fair? Probably not.

Colorado College jumps up my rankings with their sweep over Trinity. They have a couple of nice wins now with their two losses both being in 5-sets. They have also been playing hurt, which actually got worse this week.

Not too much more movement behind the top 10. Some of that is me just not being able to look at everything I normally would. I feel like Wittenberg needs a deeper look next week, which isn’t a good thing.

Again, I’m on vacation so sorry about all of that. Very minimal write-ups this week with all of the Match Days having been written last week. If you are in any way upset with me, just know that it has been raining a bit here in Cancun.

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