2019 National Championship

Updates:  Daughter is married. Feet up in the hotel room. Wow! Johns Hopkins. What a great season. What a great Tournament run. Trinity spoiled the Blue Jays shot as the only team to sweep every match in the NCAA Tournament. It’s still never been done at DIII. I assume JHU doesn’t care. Congratulations. I assume…… Continue reading 2019 National Championship

At-Large Criteria (West Perspective)

Yesterday I posted an article on the average criteria needed to secure an at-large bid. Today I wanted to focus a bit on the West Region with respect to what I wrote. As a short reminder, the average criteria of the 20 at-large teams for record, Strength of Schedule (SOS) and ranked wins in 2019…… Continue reading At-Large Criteria (West Perspective)

At-Large Average Criteria (2019)

Of the five primary criteria there are three that come into play in each comparison and by this virtue become the most important. They are record, Strength of Schedule (SOS) and ranked wins. Although ranked wins is, by the rules, result driven and not percentage driven I still capture the percentage because frankly it seems…… Continue reading At-Large Average Criteria (2019)