Juggling Covid-19 (A word from our commissioners)

In the process of writing my Covid-19 article last week, I did reach out to the two DIII conferences in Texas asking if they could comment on the discussions that were going on regarding the upcoming volleyball season. Both commissioners responded on Monday with some information that I thought warranted another article. Amy Carlton is…… Continue reading Juggling Covid-19 (A word from our commissioners)

“Feasible versus Fair” (Covid-19 and Volleyball)

If you’ve read my sparse articles recently then you know I haven’t been keen on writing about anything related to Covid-19. It’s just too depressing and frankly there are just too many unknowns. When I try to tackle one of these unknowns, I start going down a deep dark rabbit hole that doesn’t seem to…… Continue reading “Feasible versus Fair” (Covid-19 and Volleyball)