2022 Watch List

Updated: 10/23/2022

I use this Watch List to determine the chances of the Region X teams when it comes to at-large bids. This year, I fear I have no need to do this. I don’t like our chances outside of the top teams in each conference. I decided to continue this effort as it does help me with my regional ranking predictions, which will be needed in a couple of weeks. This list will be fluid and updated whenever I think about it (usually Sundays or when “Ned” sends me updated data). The “(#)” are the number of sets in the match. Records are Division III only.

Teams removed since last update:  ETBU

I just don’t see them being regionally ranked so I’ve stopped tracking them.

Teams added since last update:  None


NOTE – In-Depth write-ups are below the table.
NOTE – Wins and losses are DIII ONLY. When considering NCAA selection, the primary criteria only considers DIII matches.

School Wins Losses Wins Losses
Cal Lutheran 14 8 CC(5), Endicott(3),La Verne(5) Babson(5), NYU(3), UCSC(5), UTD(4), Tufts(5), WashU(4), CMS(3), CMS(3)
CMS 23 0 UCSC(3), Babson(3), NYU(3), Millikin(3), JHU (3), Trinity(4), Emory(4), UCSC(3), Endicott(3), CC(4), La Verne(3), CLU(3), CLU(3)
Colorado College 15 7 S’Western(3) Pomona(3), CLU(5), CMS(4), Austin(5), Trinity(3), TLU(4), Trinity(4)
George Fox 11 8 UCSC(4), S’Western(3), UTD(5), Augsburg(3), North Park(3), Puget Sound(5), Whitworth(4), PLU(4), Pacific(5)
La Verne 15 8 TLU(5), S’Western(4) Millikin(5), Trinity(3), Juniata(3), CLU(5), CMS(3), Pomona(5), Pomona(3), UCSC(5)
Pomona-Pitzer 14 8 CC(3), La Verne(5), La Verne(3) NYU(4), Babson(4), UCSC(4), Chapman(4), CLU(3), CMS(3), CLU(5), CMS(4)
Southwestern 14 9 George Fox(3), Augsburg(3), TLU(5), TLU(3) UTD(4), Wesleyan(4), Aurora(5), Juniata(5), La Verne(4), Scranton(5), Trinity(4), CC(3), St Thomas(4)
Texas Lutheran 19 6 Transy(5), CC(4) Saint Ben(5), Whitworth(5), La Verne(5), S’Western(5), Trinity(3), S’Western(3)
Trinity 21 3 Berry(3), Transy(3), UWEC(3), JHU(5), Juniata(4), CC(3), S’Western(4), TLU(3), Susquehanna(3), CC(4) Emory(4), CMS(4), UCSC(4)
UC Santa Cruz 17 4 CLU(5), Pomona(4), CNU(3), Salisbury(3), Mary Washington(4), Trinity(4), Susquehanna(4) CMS(3), George Fox(4), CMS(3), Whittier(4),
UT Dallas 15 5 George Fox(5), S’Western(4), CLU(4), ETBU(4), ETBU(4) Augsburg(4), WashU(4), Tufts(3), Concordia(5), McMurry(4)
Whitworth 14 6 Aurora(4), Chicago(5), Chicago(4), TLU(5), George Fox(4) St Olaf(5), Transy(4), Puget Sound(3), Linfield(4), PLU(5), Willamette(5)

In-Depth Looks

Records are through Sunday (10/23/22). I’m using the SOS and Ranked Record from the regional rankings as of 10/20/22. Ranked wins are updated through 10/23/22.

Remember that the selection criteria is Record (wins/losses), SOS, Ranked Wins, Common Opponents and Head-To-Head Results.

Cal Lutheran (14-8 0.636, 0.637 SOS, 4-8 Ranked Wins)

They keep getting the wins they need to stay ranked. I still don’t think they get an at-large.

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (23-0 1.000, 0.635, 13-0)

No issues here.

Colorado College (15-7 0.682, 0.555, 0-5)

They needed that Trinity win this weekend. Still no Ranked Wins.

George Fox (11-8 0.579, 0.552, 1-2)

Now in a four-way tie for the NWC lead. I thought about removing but they are winning.

La Verne (15-8 0.652, 0.591, 0-7)

They were ranked in the first official list but those Ranked Results are going to hurt this week.

Pomona-Pitzer (14-8 0.636, 0.569, 2-7)

Couldn’t get a win against CLU or CMS. They were regionally ranked and it will be interesting to see if those losses change that.

Southwestern (14-9 0.609, 0.574, 1-6)

Good win against TLU but dropped a match to St Thomas. Just no consistency here.

Texas Lutheran (19-6 0.760, 0.535, 2-3)

Took a loss to Southwestern. Poor SOS hurts their regional ranking chances but the door has been open by other teams.

Trinity (21-3 0.875, 0.646, 7-3)

Still no issues with this team.

UC Santa Cruz (17-4 0.810, 0.594, 7-2)

They look good on paper right now. Their next DIII matches will be the C2C Tournament. If they get to the finals, they should have a chance to get in as an at-large if they don’t win it.

UT-Dallas (15-5 0.750, 0.592, 1-3)

They have the hosting gig for the ASC Tournament locked up. I think they need to win it to get into the big tournament.

Whitworth (14-6 0.700, 0.560, 2-2) 

They had this conference locked up but they are not the same as they were last season or even the first two weeks. I was kind of surprised they were not regionally ranked last week. It will be interesting to see if that changes.