HPU Coach Westfall Stepping Down (Update)

Just when I think it’s safe to believe the coaching carousel has stopped, we have news out of Howard Payne where Head Volleyball Coach Colleen Westfall is stepping down. The article says she will be moving over to BSN Sports. Coach Westfall has been at HPU for 8 years at has a record of 42-163.…… Continue reading HPU Coach Westfall Stepping Down (Update)

ASC Statistics Loss & the Slugs

Sorry C2C, I’m not doing the entire conference, just UC Santa Cruz. Sorry. Heck, the NCAA tells me that UC Santa Cruz isn’t even in the West Region so be happy I’ve lumped them in here. Anyway, this article covers the ASC and UCSC and completes our tour around Region X. My spreadsheet that I…… Continue reading ASC Statistics Loss & the Slugs