Case Study Region V

The next area of selection criteria investigation is going to focus on Region V. That region did very well for itself for the second straight year getting at-large bids for Stevenson, Scranton, Swarthmore and Salisbury. Let’s take a look at the base criteria for those four teams: Stevenson: 25-5 (0.833), 0.581 SOS, 6-4 Ranked RecordScranton:…… Continue reading Case Study Region V

At-Large Average Criteria (2022)

With the season over, it’s time to revisit one of my annual columns. This is on how did the at-large teams compare, on average, with the previous years when it comes to the selection criteria. Specifically, I look at record, Strength of Schedule (SOS) and ranked results. Head-to-head and common opponent don’t really come into…… Continue reading At-Large Average Criteria (2022)