Statistics Loss – SCIAC

The next round of senior graduation statistics loss is up and this time the focus is on the SCIAC. You can find my article on the SCAC, here. I’m going to rehash what I wrote there about statistic loss so if you’ve already read it then you have my permission to skip over the next…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – SCIAC

Statistics Loss – SCAC

It’s once again time to look at senior graduation statistics loss. These articles attempt to shed a light into what teams will be losing statistics based on the players lost to graduation. We all know there will be other players lost between now and the 2020 season but these are the ones that we can…… Continue reading Statistics Loss – SCAC

2019 National Championship

Updates:  Daughter is married. Feet up in the hotel room. Wow! Johns Hopkins. What a great season. What a great Tournament run. Trinity spoiled the Blue Jays shot as the only team to sweep every match in the NCAA Tournament. It’s still never been done at DIII. I assume JHU doesn’t care. Congratulations. I assume…… Continue reading 2019 National Championship