West Region Tournaments – Week 1

I dropped a podcast that goes over where the top teams in the nation are playing week 1 and then ranks those tournaments based on the quality of the teams. I also looked at where possible upsets could occur. You can find links on my Podcast Page. This post deals with where the West Region…… Continue reading West Region Tournaments – Week 1

ASC West RAC Member Named

In my earlier “musing” post from today I mentioned that I knew the name of the newest member of the West RAC that would be representing the ASC but I wasn’t in position to publish it. Well, leave it to the American Southwest Conference (@ASC_sports) to one-up me on Twitter and name names. Concordia Head…… Continue reading ASC West RAC Member Named

West Region Preview/Predictions

Today, I am concluding my week of previews/predictions with a look at the entire West Region. Here is the agenda for the week (links are provided for my past work): Monday – ASC Tuesday – NWC Wednesday – SCAC Thursday – SCIAC Friday – West Regional Rankings Before I get to the ordering, I thought…… Continue reading West Region Preview/Predictions

Belhaven Full DIII Member

I tweeted this out early but this accomplishment really deserves a post, too. Belhaven University has successfully navigated through their reclassification period and have been approved by the NCAA Division III Membership Committee for full, active NCAA membership beginning this fall. This means that Belhaven is now in the championship hunt as they are eligible…… Continue reading Belhaven Full DIII Member