Louisiana College to Leave DIII

Louisiana College announced today that they have formally applied for admission to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Their goal is to make this transition starting in 2021. The press release indicates that after a year of analyzing the move the Board of Trustees decided on this course of action based on five points;…… Continue reading Louisiana College to Leave DIII

JWU Denver Ends all Athletic Programs

As reported Thursday, JWU Denver will be closing its doors in 2021. In a press release today, the decision was also made to end all athletic programs. I wondered on Thursday if they would continue playing for this last year but it just didn’t make much sense. Today’s announcement confirms that thought. The press release…… Continue reading JWU Denver Ends all Athletic Programs

NCAA Mock Championship Selection Presentation

A year or so ago I had a couple of coaches told me about a presentation that Jan Gentry (NCAA Associate Directory of Championships and Alliances) gave at the convention that dealt with how teams are selected for the NCAA championships. I never got the coaches to send me a link to the presentation but…… Continue reading NCAA Mock Championship Selection Presentation