Saturday, November 12 Match Day

Update: If you haven’t seen it, yet…the NCAA Tournament digital program can be found here. MIT takes set four 30-28 against Tufts. Going five. Wow. Just. Wow. Colorado College wins in 5-sets against a great Pacific Lutheran team. Jordan Mullen with an amazing 4th set. Back from bad Wifi. Well, my great plan of getting…… Continue reading Saturday, November 12 Match Day

Friday, November 10 Match Day

Update: Made it to Georgetown. Got to meet some PLU parents. Their girls look really strong set one. Trinity fighting back now. Sorry, hungry. Pac Lu looked great. I feel sad for a number of the Trinity seniors having watched them for 4 years now. Service was the difference in this one. (The Pac Lu…… Continue reading Friday, November 10 Match Day