Quarterfinals! (11/15/18)

Update: Digital Championship Program Ricky’s Championship Guide Just like we all thought. Aurora up 17-10 in the first set. Challenge! First time in DIII!!!!! Calvin challenges an out call but the call stands. Works as a timeout and Calvin comes out strong despite losing the challenge. Calvin comes back to win set 1 25-23. It’s…… Continue reading Quarterfinals! (11/15/18)

Projected NCAA Field of 64

Like last year, I will follow in my leader’s footsteps and attempt to predict the NCAA Tournament field. You should also check out Ricky Nelson’s site as he’ll be doing the same exercise independently of me. Once again, I went through the selection process and you can see my thoughts as it was done by…… Continue reading Projected NCAA Field of 64

West RAC Rankings – Review

The NCAA played a little trick or treat with us by saying they updated the rankings and then didn’t. It’s all fixed now. The third regional rankings are out and they can be found here. These rankings will actually feed into the final ranking, which will be done on Sunday. None of the previous two…… Continue reading West RAC Rankings – Review