Kevin Aoki (PLU) Promoted to Full-Time Status

Pacific Lutheran University just announced that Head Coach Kevin Aoki has been promoted to full-time status after having served part-time in years past. My first reaction was what do you mean Coach Aoki has been part-time? It still shocks me to hear about part-time coaches in our region, which makes Coach Aoki’s success all the…… Continue reading Kevin Aoki (PLU) Promoted to Full-Time Status

“Shock and Fun” – The Louisiana College Story

The Louisiana College Wildcat volleyball program came into existence in 2016. I reached out to Coach Brittany Salloum so she could provide some insight into another story I’m writing but she ended up giving me so much good material that I thought another story on just the Wildcats and their unique challenges was required. After…… Continue reading “Shock and Fun” – The Louisiana College Story

St. Thomas (Houston) Accepted into DIII

The NCAA has announced that the University of Saint Thomas (UST) Houston has been accepted as a provisional member. UST successfully completed their exploratory year last season and has already been accepted into the SCAC giving them 10 schools for the upcoming volleyball season. Provisional membership is a four-year process during which time the school…… Continue reading St. Thomas (Houston) Accepted into DIII