Projected NCAA Field of 64

Like last year, I will follow in my leader’s footsteps and attempt to predict the NCAA Tournament field. You should also check out Ricky Nelson’s site as he’ll be doing the same exercise independently of me. Once again, I went through the selection process and you can see my thoughts as it was done by…… Continue reading Projected NCAA Field of 64

West RAC Ranking Predictions

The second public release of the RAC rankings will come out on Wednesday. Once again, I’ll try to predict the outcome. If you want to see these teams in a little more detail you can check out the Watch List. (As always, I left a little gift at the end of this post.) As a…… Continue reading West RAC Ranking Predictions

National Regional Ranking Predictions

The first public regional rankings come out on Wednesday. These are the rankings that will be used to determine the NCAA Tournament Pool C (at-large) bids. I’ve been tracking the West Region teams that have a shot at the Pool C bids but other than predicting the NCAA Field of 64, I haven’t looked that…… Continue reading National Regional Ranking Predictions

NCAA Tournament Selection – Part 2

* Note – This was written prior to the matches yesterday. There were a number of matches nationwide that could impact these selections. Just deal with it. Almost a month ago I created the NCAA Tournament field of 64 and today we do the same exercise again and hopefully get a little closer to the…… Continue reading NCAA Tournament Selection – Part 2

West Region RAC Rankings – Predictions

All of the regions are doing their practice RAC rankings this week and this is my attempt at predicting their results. Since their results won’t be made public, we can just assume I nailed it! (Oh, I’ve got a little gift for everyone at the end of this post…no fair jumping down there until you’ve…… Continue reading West Region RAC Rankings – Predictions