The NE, NY and M-A Unfair Advantage

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The June (2017) Report of the NCAA Division III Championship Committee details that they decided NOT to act on a rule change that would have limited the regional rankings to 10 schools. This would have impacted the Mid-Atlantic, New York and New England regions. The pertinent section is pasted here: i. Women’s…… Continue reading The NE, NY and M-A Unfair Advantage

West Region’s 8th Team – Uh Oh

I wanted to give everyone a little insight into the problems the West RAC chair will face on selection day now that La Verne and UTT both stumbled in their tournaments. Assuming Colorado College and CMS win their tournaments tomorrow then we have three teams with automatic bids (includes Pacific Lutheran). Let’s say we just…… Continue reading West Region’s 8th Team – Uh Oh

West Region Rankings (10/30/17)

Well this week’s regional rankings are a big one. The RACs have had a chance to work out any issues they may have had and the ordering will give you a good idea where teams sit prior to the conference tournaments. Of the eight teams listed in the West rankings we had 5 losses this…… Continue reading West Region Rankings (10/30/17)

Regional Rankings (10/25/17) – Updated

The regional rankings are out and can be found here! We saw two changes in the #1 seed nationally with Gustavus Adolphus falling one spot and Northwestern-St. Paul taking the top seed (Central). In the Midwest, Illinois Wesleyan lost the top spot to Millikin. The top 4 seeds in each Region are: Central: Northwestern-St. Paul,…… Continue reading Regional Rankings (10/25/17) – Updated