Sabrina Bingham – New RAC Chair

One of the more important positions in terms of getting teams into the NCAA Tournament is the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Chairman. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the West Region RAC Chair (Ed Garza) term has expired and he was recently replaced by Hardin-Simmons Head Coach Sabrina Bingham. Coach Bingham was the logical choice…… Continue reading Sabrina Bingham – New RAC Chair

West RAC Rankings – Review

The NCAA played a little trick or treat with us by saying they updated the rankings and then didn’t. It’s all fixed now. The third regional rankings are out and they can be found here. These rankings will actually feed into the final ranking, which will be done on Sunday. None of the previous two…… Continue reading West RAC Rankings – Review

West RAC Ranking Predictions (10/30/18)

The third public release of the RAC rankings will come out on Wednesday and this one is more important than the first two. The reason is that the ranked win criterion is based on the final ranking (done this upcoming Sunday) and this one. That means any ranked wins/losses are now set in stone starting…… Continue reading West RAC Ranking Predictions (10/30/18)

West RAC Rankings – Review (UPDATED)

Note – I added some additional information to the bottom of this post. Don’t miss it! The regional rankings are out and they can be found here. These rankings are important because the NCAA selects their at-large teams from these rankings and these are the first rankings that include ranked wins. Remember, if you are…… Continue reading West RAC Rankings – Review (UPDATED)