West RAC Ranking Predictions (10/30/18)

The third public release of the RAC rankings will come out on Wednesday and this one is more important than the first two. The reason is that the ranked win criterion is based on the final ranking (done this upcoming Sunday) and this one. That means any ranked wins/losses are now set in stone starting…… Continue reading West RAC Ranking Predictions (10/30/18)

West RAC Rankings – Review (UPDATED)

Note – I added some additional information to the bottom of this post. Don’t miss it! The regional rankings are out and they can be found here. These rankings are important because the NCAA selects their at-large teams from these rankings and these are the first rankings that include ranked wins. Remember, if you are…… Continue reading West RAC Rankings – Review (UPDATED)

West RAC Ranking Predictions

The second public release of the RAC rankings will come out on Wednesday. Once again, I’ll try to predict the outcome. If you want to see these teams in a little more detail you can check out the Watch List. (As always, I left a little gift at the end of this post.) As a…… Continue reading West RAC Ranking Predictions

A Look at the Other 7 Regional Rankings

I want to turn my attention to the other 7 regions and their rankings. As we saw in the West Region, Strength of Schedule (SOS) ruled the day. Let’s see if that trend carries to the other regions. Starting with the Central and the RAC had: Gustavus Adolphus WUSTL Benedict Thomas Bethel Augsburg Northwestern-St. Paul…… Continue reading A Look at the Other 7 Regional Rankings

Evaluating the West RAC Rankings

The RAC rankings were released yesterday and there are really a number of different ways to go and things to look at with this data. For this post, I want to look at the West Region and specifically the ranking of UT-Dallas at #5. (You can find my West RAC predictions here.) First off, it’s…… Continue reading Evaluating the West RAC Rankings

RAC Rankings – Week 1 (10/17/18)

The Regional Rankings are finally out and, of course, we have a surprise team in our own little conference. Congratulations to UT-Dallas for securing the 5th spot. The full rankings can be found here, but for the West Region we have: CMS UMHB Trinity Cal Lutheran UT-Dallas Colorado College Whittier Pacific Lutheran There is a…… Continue reading RAC Rankings – Week 1 (10/17/18)

National Regional Ranking Predictions

The first public regional rankings come out on Wednesday. These are the rankings that will be used to determine the NCAA Tournament Pool C (at-large) bids. I’ve been tracking the West Region teams that have a shot at the Pool C bids but other than predicting the NCAA Field of 64, I haven’t looked that…… Continue reading National Regional Ranking Predictions