West Regional Rankings Reviewed

The NCAA has released the first regional rankings of the season, which you can find here. Lots of interesting tidbits to be found but it’s probably best to go through it region by region. Before we do that let’s go over the basics. The regional rankings are used for NCAA Selection at-large bids. Teams that…… Continue reading West Regional Rankings Reviewed

West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 1)

Update – See the comments for my stab at the South, Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes. With regional rankings officially coming out tomorrow, I thought it wise to put my predictions in a separate post. We’ll look at how poorly I did when the real rankings come out. As a reminder, these are the important rankings.…… Continue reading West Regional Ranking Prediction (Wk 1)

Regional Ranking Preview

The regional rankings will be coming out next week (October 23rd) but this week the RACs are actually going through their practice runs. I thought it might be interesting to look through all of the regions and figure out the teams that should be showing up on those rankings next week. Now things can change…… Continue reading Regional Ranking Preview

ASC West RAC Member Named

In my earlier “musing” post from today I mentioned that I knew the name of the newest member of the West RAC that would be representing the ASC but I wasn’t in position to publish it. Well, leave it to the American Southwest Conference (@ASC_sports) to one-up me on Twitter and name names. Concordia Head…… Continue reading ASC West RAC Member Named

West Region Preview/Predictions

Today, I am concluding my week of previews/predictions with a look at the entire West Region. Here is the agenda for the week (links are provided for my past work): Monday – ASC Tuesday – NWC Wednesday – SCAC Thursday – SCIAC Friday – West Regional Rankings Before I get to the ordering, I thought…… Continue reading West Region Preview/Predictions